Workshops are periodically being held throughout the year via my camera club.  Click on "camera club" at the top menu and it will take you to my club.


Long exposures can be used to convey a more artistic feel to your images.  Examples of long exposures are light trails at night and streaking of clouds and water motion during the day.  For daytime long exposures, a Neutral Density (ND) Filter is needed.  

In this workshop, you will learn how to calculate a long exposure using an ND filter while at a beach location to create artistic photography.  We will try various types of long exposures...some to smooth out the water completely and some to show slight motion of the waves.  The workshop is limited to six people so I can provide individual attention in between group explanations.  (We won't be doing any editing at this workshop. This is strictly how to take the photographs.)  

Click here to join in!    If you have any questions, please click contact at the top of my website.


Partnered with Worthington Photography


My photos have drastically improved.  The instructions on composition and  knowledge of editing software has taken my photography to a new level.   I look forward to more classes in the near future.    ...Stephen

The beaches photo session on Friday was GREAT!!! Both Wanda and Laura helped us all out with composition and camera settings. Saturday, Laura took us through the fundamentals of using Light Room. The weekend was fun and educational. The best of both worlds.   ...Jay

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