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Would you like to learn Photoshop to make your photos even better?  If you do, then read on!  I've been using Photoshop since 2009 and believe I have an excellent grasp of the tools and ways to maximize creativity to enhance your photographs.  

Much like learning a musical instrument, Photoshop is both a technical and artistic tool which can take some time to master.  Photoshop is not an intuitive program therefore many times the user gets frustrated and gives up.   There are many expensive classes you can purchase but even with those you can’t ask questions or have the learning experience tailored to your needs.  I’m finding that it’s much easier and more effective to learn one-on-one.  I teach from Photoshop Creative Cloud  (my preferred version) or from more recent versions of Elements (15 or greater) because I don't have the older versions of Elements.   If you haven't yet purchased the software, please call me to discuss which one would be best for you.  I'm happy to help.

Photoshop can create amazing results, and there are a number of ways to do one thing.  My goal is to teach you what I see as the easiest way to accomplish tasks and to tailor the tutorial to your needs. 


I find that the best way to teach is in person at my home OR if you are not local, via Skype sharing screens.  (Note about skype - Via Skype, we do not see each other’s faces so you can rest easy. What you will see is my computer screen and what I’m doing on my screen once we’ve both logged onto Skype.   In this way you can see exactly what I’m doing as I explain things.   During the last part of the lesson, if there is time, we will switch to your screen so that you can practice and I can see what you’re doing.  I use this method in person as well because it's so much easier than hovering over one screen. You will also need earbuds or a headset to plug into your computer so I don’t hear feedback.)

Technical Requirements: The requirement is that you have Skype, a Skype account, and a microphone or earbuds so we don’t get feedback.   I can help you get started with Skype if need be, however, it’s best to get that all set up ahead of time so as not to incur more cost.


If you are a beginner, I suggest we do the course as listed below. If you know a little bit about photoshop, you can pick and choose from the items below.  My goal is to give you the help you need and not repeat something you already know.

I’m flexible and would like to come up with a plan that works for you, so we can discuss a plan for you if you already have an idea of what you need to know.  The classes last between 1 and 1-1/2 hours.


Learn the layout of the screen, panels, toolbars

Learn menu layout


Navigating (zooming, panning)

Nondestructive work overview

Let’s Get Started (Opening and Saving a Document)


Overview of the most tools I use most every day

Using Camera Raw basics

Layers Masks

Layer Mask basics 

Layer Panel

Layer Properties (feathering density)

Layer Styles

Layer styles basics

Fill vs. Opacity

Blend Modes

More on Layers

Mask Refine Edge (making a selection even more accurate)

Importing Images and Saving Files

Getting Files/Images in and out of photoshop (open, place, drag and drop)

Saving files, formats (jpg, png, psd)

Size Information and Resizing

Image resolution, file sizes, image size, crop

Making Selections, Replacing and Removing

Image adjustments vs. adjustment layers

Making Selections (quick selection, magic wand, magnetic lasso)

Removing and Replacing (content aware, patch, heal, clone)

Getting Creative with Your Images

Color Picker

Painting & Brushes

Working Quicker


Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating Presets (Gradients, brushes, patterns)


Each session will last approximately an hour and is $40.  Usually 1-1/2 hours is a sufficient time for your first class and will be $60.   After your first class, one hour per class is adequate unless you request additional time.  I will never stop short and you will have time to ask me questions as we go along.  I prefer to be paid by paypal which is so convenient and saves lots of time of checks being mailed and me verifying the funds. 

The fee should be made via paypal prior to our class and is non-refundable. Class will be confirmed once payment is received.  In the case of needing to reschedule an appointment, please request a change 24 hrs in advance and your fee will be transferred. (No shows will not receive refund.)  

Please click CONTACT on the menu at the top to set up your first lesson!

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