Learn Photoshop

Adobe Creative Cloud Version Only


Would you like to learn Photoshop to make your photos even better?  If you do, then read on!  I've been using Photoshop since 2009 and believe I have an excellent grasp of the tools and ways to maximize creativity to enhance your photographs.  

There are lots of expensive group classes around, but I find that it’s much easier and more effective to learn one-on-one.  This gives personal attention to what YOU need to know and provides plenty of opportunity for questions and answers that YOU want.   

I always like to compare learning Photoshop with learning how to play the piano.  If one wants to learn how to play the piano, they need to take lessons and build up to playing it.   Photoshop is not an intuitive program and is much the same as learning to play the piano because it's virtually impossible to learn this program in one day.  However, take heart!   It just takes lessons and practice, practice, practice!

If you already have a grasp of layers and masks, I can help you with some more advanced techniques.  For this type of class, we would probably need to talk on the phone to find out what you need in the way of advanced techniques.

I teach Photoshop from Adobe Creative Cloud only.  I no longer have Photoshop Elements, so I no longer teach from that version.


I find that the best way to teach is in person at my home or yours. However if you live too far away, I can use zoom which is easy to use and does not require an account or special software. 


My fee is $60/hr.  The fee should be made via paypal prior to our class and is non-refundable. Class will be confirmed once payment is received.  In the case of needing to reschedule an appointment, please request a change 24 hrs in advance and your fee will be transferred to a new date. (No shows will not receive refund.)  


If you are a beginner, I suggest we do the course as listed below. If you know a little bit about photoshop, you can pick and choose from the items below.  My goal is to give you the help you need and not repeat something you already know.

I’m flexible and would like to come up with a plan that works for you, so we can discuss a plan for you if you already have an idea of what you need to know.


Learn the layout of the screen, panels, toolbars

Learn menu layout


Navigating (zooming, panning)

Nondestructive work overview

Let’s Get Started (Opening and Saving a Document)


Overview of the most tools I use most every day

Using Camera Raw basics

Layers Masks

Layer Mask basics 

Layer Panel

Layer Properties (feathering density)

Layer Styles

Layer styles basics

Fill vs. Opacity

Blend Modes

More on Layers

Mask Refine Edge (making a selection even more accurate)

Importing Images and Saving Files

Getting Files/Images in and out of photoshop (open, place, drag and drop)

Saving files, formats (jpg, png, psd)

Size Information and Resizing

Image resolution, file sizes, image size, crop

Making Selections, Replacing and Removing

Image adjustments vs. adjustment layers

Making Selections (quick selection, magic wand, magnetic lasso)

Removing and Replacing (content aware, patch, heal, clone)

Getting Creative with Your Images

Color Picker

Painting & Brushes

Working Quicker


Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating Presets (Gradients, brushes, patterns)

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