My goal is to teach you Photoshop and/or Lightroom simply so that you can learn or add to your knowledge regarding digital photography and post processing.  Click below on the course you wish to learn.  Scroll down for reviews and free tutorials!


"My one on one mentoring with Laura was a big help as a novice. I knew the basics but could quite bring it all together in my head. Laura's easy explanations and printed material got me there. I liked the circular graphic of ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. Their relationship to each other was clearer for me as a quick reference. Photography can be so complex and overwhelming to a beginner. Starting with simple exercises and putting them together really helped. Thanks, Laura."   ...Joe

"Thank you for helping me learn Photoshop.  I'd had the program for several years but never understood layers.  Now I can use the tools to make my images more creative.  You're always there to help me and I appreciate it."    ....Mary

"Both accurate and concise. Clearly explained. Here's a good starting point for you, if you're just beginning to use Lightroom."   ...Greg


To view some free tutorials, please follow

my youtube channel.  Here you can find tutorials and links I find useful.

Laura Macky Youtube Channel

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