Havanese Playtime

Due to Shelter in Place for COVID-19, all playtimes have been suspended until the stay at home is lifted.  Thank you for your patience and I hope you all are staying safe!

Join us at San Ramon Memorial's small dog park so our Havis can have fun!  Events last one hour and are usually on a Saturday morning.  Please click "herefor GPS directions.  An overview map is included below.  Don't forget to bring poop bags!  

How will I be notified of an event?

Once an event is scheduled, you will receive notification via the email you provided to me.  The email will contain the date and time of the event.  Should the event need to be cancelled or changed, you will be notified via email as well.

Thinking of joining?

Please click CONTACT at the very top of this page and provide me (1) first & last name and (2) your most used email address, so you can be notified of future events!


* Please do not come if you have a cough, a fever or if you are feeling under the weather.

* Due to allergies of some dogs, please always ask if you can give treats to our furry members.  

* Aggression of any sort will not be tolerated and will result you being removed from the group.  Please watch your dog at all times.  

* Your Havi must be under 20 lbs and have all its shots.

Buster, Dave and I can't wait to meet you!                                        Location Overview

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