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Havanese Playtime

Due to COVID-19, all playtimes have been suspended until the stay at home is lifted.  Thank you for your patience and I hope you all are staying safe!

Welcome to the Havanese Playtime group!  Join us at a Memorial Park's small dog park in San Ramon so our Havis can have an hour of fun!  

If you are thinking of joining or you are a current member that has not done so, please email me your First & Last Name and your most used email address by clicking contact at the top menu.  

Don't forget to bring poop bags to the events!.

Click here for GPS directions.  See the map below for an overview of the location.

Location is Memorial Park, Bollinger Rd. off San Ramon Valley Blvd.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9 50 05 AM

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