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One-on-One Mentoring

Learning photography in a group setting is great, however, everyone learns at a different rate and, therefore, your questions may never be answered in that setting.  For those who are brand new to photography or who've been taking photos awhile but feel they can't move forward because they have burning questions, private photography classes could be just the thing for you!


(Session 1, 1-1/2 hrs) - Beginners:  Meet at mutually agreed upon location (usually a coffee shop), and start learning DSLR basics (basic camera theory and how to access most-used controls on your camera).  In one session we can't cover everything, but we will start slowly, using your camera in Aperture Priority mode.  This session will include some time to go outside and practice what you've learned.  Homework will be to receive an assignment from me, take photos and share them to me via email.

(Session 2, 1-1/2 hrs) - Beyond Beginners:  Meet at mutually agreed upon location and use YOUR camera and YOUR settings to take pictures and learn a particular technique (e.g., long exposures, sunsets, etc.).  We will also go over composition.

If you feel this structure doesn't quite fit you, we can discuss what you need to learn and we can tailor a session to your needs.


Provide me with link or PDF file of your camera's manual if it's NOT a Nikon DSLR or Sony Mirrorless as I already understand those two since I have both of those systems.

Email me three samples (or provide a link) of your best work if you have some.  It will greatly help me in addressing your specific needs.  Your photos will not be distributed or kept.


$55/hr fee should be made via paypal prior to meeting in person and is non-refundable.  Class will be confirmed once payment is received.   In the case of needing to reschedule an appointment, please request a change 24 hrs in advance and your $55/hr fee will be transferred.  (No shows will not receive refund.)

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